Partners’ Comments

You have managed to succeed in gaining a combination services both for the subscribers as well as your partners.

We thank you indeed,

Antonios Theodoroulos

Insurance Agent, Accession

Dear Colleagues of EXTRA ASSISTANCE we would like to thank you for your excellent service in the field of road safety. We are truly happy for the co-operation, as whatever type of problem has come up with our clients it has been dealt with immediately and on time.

Thank you,

Giova Despina

Insurance Office Lidakis Paul

Our office has co-operated with EXTRA ASSISTANCE from the time it started. Our co- operation assistance is excellent and the solution of any problem is immediate.



Skabardoukas Ioannis


After one year of our co-operating with the EXTRA ASSISTANCE company we can say that their service was excellent. The assistance of our clients is always fast and we are totally informed regarding any matter that might come up. In this way we can immediate with the client for a direct solution.

Yours sincerely,


The most accurate meaning of the phrase ROAD ASSISTANCE in Greece was and remains EXTRA ASSISTANCE, under its founder Aris Bousoulopoulos. Subscribers and partners can always count on the speed of the assistance and the spirit of co-operation which distinguishes the company, as a natural continuity of its founder and its people.


The 3 words that can describe our co-operation with EXTRA ASSISTANCE are CONSISTENCY, SPEED and ASSISTANCE. We trust it and suggest it.

Mouladelli Eugenia


The use of ROAD ASSISTANCE is the most crucial moment of our evaluation from the client on every occasion. With EXTRA ASSISTANCE we were effective, as its service was direct, the personnel always kind and willing to do the best, in order to satisfy the insured.

Thank you for the co-operation

SEBEKOU insurance services

Since 2016 I’ve been co-operating with the EXTRA ASSISTANCE company. The quality, the service, the well- trained and experienced staff which is based on the love for the clients, makes for me and my clients the company No1 in the field of road assistance. The speed of assistance, the excellent way of the personnel and the low cost of the subscription without the service quality being decreased enables the insured to save money but always have road assistance in each insurance contract.

Pimenidis Pantelis

Accountants Insurance Services

Excellent co-operation, incredible people and most of all effective! It is truly important that companies like EXTRA ASSISTANCE are in our field.

Sofia Vlachaki

Πρακτορείο Ασφαλίσεων ACTIVEBROKERS

Last year in 2016 I had the chance to come across EXTRA ASSISTANCE, the road assistance company. A new company in this field. From the beginning it was clear that I was dealing with professionals. For a year now they have dealt with hundreds of my clients incidents always with the same speed and efficiency. Wherever they were, at any time, the assistance was excellent. No customer made the slightest complaint. Regarding the co-operation it is beyond any criticism. It is just perfect. Well done guys, keep on like this! Definitely you will become the first road assistance company.

Nikos Petrakos

Insurance Agent

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