Download the Extra Assistance App!

The application, which is an important tool for each driver, has 2 functions.

In this app, user location is needed to be send to Road Assistance so that the vehicle of Road Assistance can find you quickly and easily.

The first, with the SOS key, automatically sends a message to the Road Assistance call center with your location. Within a few minutes you will receive the confirmation and the operator will call for instructions. Requires first to enter the traffic number.

The second with the CHECK button, which also requires the VAT number, sends to your cell phone a message with the insurance you have and when it expires. So there will be no danger of being without Road Assistance.

We recommend that you use the CHECK function immediately to confirm your safety, but also to check the operation. For queries send email to

During installation, it will ask for permission to send SmS and read your location. Your mobile number will only be used to update Updates or actions that improve its operation. If you do not, you can email us at

The charge is the charge for sending a text message from your provider.

If you have a problem with the installation click for more information here or here

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